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Product by Country


New Zealand and Australia products

  • Health products
  • Baby formula
  • Milk products
  • NZ Honey
  • Nature Skin Care
  • Apple, kiwi fruit, grape
  • Wine
  • Salmon fish, beef and lamp
  • Sheepskin and possumskin products
  • Quality hardwood timber products

Vietnam products

  • Textile and garment products
  • Jasmine rice, Long white Rice, Brown Grain Rice
  • Coffee beans, Coffee powder, Cashew nuts, Peppers, White Pepper
  • Cassava chips, Fruits and Vegetables

Czech Products

  • Glass
  • Lead crystal
  • Porcelain
  • Czech jewellery
  • Beer
  • Wine

Germany Products

  • Kitchen appliance
  • Vehicle parts
  • Hand tool, air tool, power tool
  • Beer

Other Products

Beside we have other business activities including:
+ International Export Import
+ Whole sale, Retail & Online Stores
+ Logistics & Custom Clearance Services
+ Tourism, Conference, Education & Training Programs.
+ Real Estate as smart investors in Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia.
We are now developing more product ranges and expanding our markets in Asia, Europe and Middle East and African countries. We would like to work with interested partners and distributors to develop business for long term relationship.

Health Supplement Products

Skin care products

Please feel free to contact us at for any further information.

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About us

Lee Trading Group (LTG) Ltd’s integration into New Zealand and Australia, Vietnam or EU is its great advantage. Indeed, with international partners, overseas companies will be aware of local habits and customs, and the traditional Western or Asian way of doing business.
We will also give you advice on how to improve the visibility of your business.

According to your needs and requirements we commit to select suppliers and their services. Then we establish a list of products which are able to reach your expectations. The thorough knowledge of the New Zealand, Australia and Vietnamese market with our experience with suppliers allows ourselves to solve problems efficiently and quickly, and to limit the risks of loss of control and dissatisfaction.

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