Lee Trading Group (LTG) Ltd based in Auckland New Zealand which New Zealander and Vietnamese shareholders. We are specialised in import/export of goods in New Zealand, Australia, and Vietnam European countries.

Lee Trading Group’s integration into New Zealand and Australia, Vietnam or EU is its great advantage. Indeed, with international partners, overseas companies will be aware of local habits and customs, and the traditional Western or Asian way of doing business. We will also give you advice on how to improve the visibility
of your business. 

According to your needs and requirements we commit to select suppliers and their services. Then we establish a list of products which are able to reach your expectations. The thorough knowledge of the New Zealand, Australia and Vietnamese market with our experience with suppliers allows ourselves to solve problems efficiently
and quickly, and to limit the risks of loss of control and dissatisfaction.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested to give us the distribution of your products or looking for any products from New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Germany, Czech,…

Lee Trading Group New Zealand

7 Kerswill Place

PO Box 51933

Pakuranga 2140

Auckland New Zealand

Phone: + (64) 21 580 900

Website: www.leetradinggroup.com

Email: info@leetradinggroup.com

Lee Trading Group Australia

 9 Devonshire Street

West Footscray, Vic 3012

Melbourne Australia

Tel: + 61 414 365 456

Email: info@leetradinggroup.com

Lee Trading Group Vietnam

144 Nguyen Huu Canh
22th ward, Binh Thanh Dist.
Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Tel: + 84 94 504 1426

Email: info@leetradinggroup.com; vuqudu@leetradinggroup.com


B4-12B  Vinhomes

Gardenia, Ham Nghi, My Dinh

Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: + 84 90 151 1980

Email: info@leetradinggroup.com


 134 Truong Vinh Ky

Tan Son Nhi ward,  Tan Phu Dist.

Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Tel: + 84 97 544 8460

Email: info@leetradinggroup.com

Lee Trading Group Germany 

Försterstraße 45

95100 Selb


Tel: + 49 1 522 631 8718

Email: info@leetradinggroup.com

Lee Trading Group Czech Republic

Písečná 527/9

350 02 Cheb


Tel: + 42 77 66 99 99

Email: info@leetradinggroup.com

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